Summer Only We Know

I don't know what to make of the things they talk about at work. Obviously, I'm not talking about business talk nor technical, professional talk. I'm talking about gossips.

My workmates found it amusing lately to pester me about my love life. Really? Have they run out of topics to talk about? I mean why would they talk about my love life? It's not even half as interesting as Piolo Pascual's love life (if he has someone significant right now...that is). 

So I asked one of my down lines is it obvious that I am seeing someone?

She said she has a strong hunch that I am dating someone. She's asking who's the lucky girl? 

That's when I started to deny everything. Girl? Excuse me? Girl? Who's dating a girl? Not me. I said I'm not dating anyone...just to really stop the rumor from getting out of hand. But it didn't stop them from ribbing me from time to time. 

I'm keeping mum though.

I'm actually at a point where I'm trying to validate the wisdom of talking openly about your relationships on social network...even blogs...or to people who don't know you personally. I came up with a good list of pros and cons.


...your happy with something your partner did for you. That's something worth sharing online because it's a happy thought. It's a positive thing that has a ripple effect. If it made you happy...people close to you will feel it...and generally it creates a good effect all in all...but DON'T OVERDO IT!

...you need something to remember it by...good memories...need a good repository of memories...of course you can hold on to the memories for as long as you can...but having something to remember it by...makes it even romantic sometimes...take for example you we're walking by the beach and you took a good picture of the two of you together...happened to be your first pic together...that's something worth posting...and please DON'T PEPPER YOUR WALL with UNINTERESTING PICS. People normally pick up hints after seeing a two or three picture of what you both are doing...imagine if you have 200 pics of both of you doing the same activity...that would need another word other than UMAY to describe it.

...he/she has your permission. Sometimes in a race to post as many pics or statuses to keep our "FANS" online, we forget to take into consideration if our partners feel like putting themselves up for public consumption. Yes, it's your wall...but putting up yourself out there shouldn't mean your partner has to bear with all the intrusion into his/her privacy too. So ASK YOUR PARTNER FIRST, if he/she is comfortable with going public about your pics/whereabouts.

...it's harmless. Meaning, it wouldn't put your partner in trouble. Remember, some status will generate a lot of attention even if doesn't mean anything to you. Before you know it, people have shared your pic and by some sort of bad luck it reaches the wall of his mom/boss/dad/ and they're suddenly mad at your partner because...the pics made it appear he's spending way too much time with you...which is fine...but you wouldn't want to make them envious. Right?


...argue with your partner online. At some point, you'll feel validated that you're right...but it will antagonize your partner...and does it fix your problem? Not really.

...post sex videos...too intimate videos of you together...I don't need to explain this...

...post confusing statements for your status. Save yourself the trouble of explaining by being clear about what you're talking about. You know how people just keep on sharing quotations without checking if it's really goes in line with their principle? That's how it makes things confusing. Sometimes, it also gets their partner confused. LOL.


Going back to the rumor that surround my relationship with Erwan...I don't get the sudden interest of my workmates. Yes I've been talking about it online...dropping hints like I miss someone...but why would they care?

They've been asking me every now and then where I've been and what I've done. I've practically had my summer occupied with him on the list of agenda. I guess you could say we made a SUMMER ONLY WE KNOW. 

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